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When Marketing Meets Technology

From the beginning of my corporate career, I was taking different kinds of marketing roles but at the same time, technology and innovation have always been my big passion. That’s why during the years I was pretty much obsessed with all kind of technologies related to marketing and sales. Digital marketing was also taking a special place in my marketing/tech passions blend. I have a Masters Degree in Marketing which has helped me grow my business portfolio while my tech background is related mainly to web development which I started in high school years.

I was a Head of Marketing Operations in a big global company where I was leading a dedicated operational team. I had the chance to explore the possibilities of any kind of technology that can improve the marketing processes.

Then I decided to start my own hustle, so I used my web developing skills and managed to build an innovative printing and digital marketing platform, unique for the EU markets. Then I continued with developing an e-commerce store and my own brand. For both of these projects, I managed to implement different kinds of marketing automation systems driven by AI technology.

During my journey, I realized that the marketing industry is being disrupted so quickly that it’s really hard for business owners to catch up with innovations by themselves. They needed professional guidance so, that’s how my digital agency was born. Its main focus is on providing high tech marketing solutions like implementation of chatbots, marketing automation systems, digital marketing services, etc.

However, my passions for technologies persisted and I felt it’s time for me to share my knowledge that I gained from the corporate world and side hustles. That was the time when the AI Sessions project was born – a unique blend between courses, podcasts, and free tools. I believe that knowledge can be more effective only if it can be applied to the right tools. Therefore, I decided to invest in several platforms which helped me to grow my own projects and definitely can help my students for their hustles as well. That’s why I’m giving away free tools for all of my course subscribers.